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The Surrounding Area

The Cervia area, with its nine kilometres of coastline, offers various holidaying options – along with sea and sport are culture, tradition, nature, wellness and lots of fun. Among the main attractions are the Salt Pans, the Salt Stores and the Tower of San Michele. 

Amid the centuries-old pinewood is the town’s spa facility which leads the way in terms of its perfect synergy between modern science and nature. The town of Milano Marittima, just north of Cervia and only a short way from the Golf Club, is renowned for its elegance, exclusive stores, restaurants and many fun-packed attractions, which all combine with its exclusive charm. Even the most discerning visitor will find something to interest him/her here. Little more than twenty kilometres away is the city of Ravenna, a real treasure trove of art and culture. 

Three times capital, this glorious city boasts the world’s greatest collection of mosaics dating back to the 5th and 6th centuries, as well as eight UNESCO World Heritage Site monuments. Between Cervia and Ravenna is the Mirabilandia theme park, a popular attraction for families and a great place to spend a day full of fun. Finally, the surrounding area offers numerous cycling tracks, which wind their way along the coast and through the surrounding hill country.