Youth Activities

The youth activities organized by the Adriatic Golf Club Cervia are open to all young club members under the age of 18. More specifically, a Youth Club has been set up with dedicated yearly courses split into three levels. The Youth Club is sponsored by the three SPACE boutiques of Milano Marittima. In past seasons, many side events were organized alongside the Youth Club,

dedicated to the youngsters in conjunction with the sponsor SPACE, the theme park MIRABILANDIA and the local women’s section of the ITALIAN RED CROSS. Future initiatives and calendar of events will be made known soon. In this respect, it is as well to underline that all information regarding youth activities can be found on the notice board dedicated to youngsters.

The Youth Club

The Adriatic Golf Club of Cervia is organizing courses dedicated to youngsters between 6 and 18 years of age. The courses and the enrolment fee are yearly. 

The courses will start on Sunday 15 March and terminate on Sunday 8 November, with the following breaks: -  for Easter holidays; - from 14 June to 13 September for the “Club Speranze” and the “Pre-competitive” course. 

The Youth Club is sponsored by the three SPACE boutiques of Milano Marittima.

The uniform, supplied by the sponsor, is mandatory and consists of a polo shirt and jumper worn over blue pants for each team member.


Depending on playing skills, the students are split into 3 courses (at the sole discretion of the professional coaches). The names of the courses are: “Club Speranze”, “Pre-competitive” and “Competitive”.

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Club Speranze



The course is dedicated to all youngsters without HCP approaching the world of golf for the first time, and to those youngsters who have passed the rules exam.

The aim of the course is to favour the acquisition or improvement of game basics and fundamentals.

The course is held by professional players: ROBERTO PARIS, LUIGI ZAPPA, MATTEO VERARDO

It is staged on Sunday afternoons from 3 pm to 4 pm for under-10s and from 4 pm to 6 pm for under-18s (in the winter, the course begins one hour earlier).

In case of a large number of participants, some of the youngsters who have already passed the rules exam may be entered – at the sole discretion of the Professional Coaches – in the Pre-competitive course.

Contents of course

The course addresses the following topics:

  • Grip/ Setup/ Address
  • Wrist break/Backswing/ Downswing/
  • Long game: irons and woods
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Target
  • Rules/ Etiquette
  • Behaviour on the green

From the very early stages, practice sessions will be organized in the presence of TARGETS to favour the development of precision and concentration both on the driving range and on the course.

PUTTING and SHORT GAME will be introduced, initially focusing on bump & run techniques and, afterwards, on high approaches and the bunker. The first lessons concentrate on developing basic golfing skills.

The pupils will learn the grip and how to perform this movement correctly, the basic set up position to be taken up and maintained in front of the ball to make the stroke and the address and its functions in the game of golf and the techniques and routine which permit correct alignment. The main aim is to make the pupils able to independently perform such movements, which precede the actual stroke.

The players will start to strike the ball with a number of basic notions as regards the swing. Subsequently, the technical aspects of the swing will be looked at in greater detail, with the idea of teaching the youngsters to correctly hit the ball with the various irons and woods (DRIVE).

For this purpose, basic notions will be taught to be able to perform a correct wrist break, good backswing and good downswing.

Focus will be placed on the importance of follow-through and finish.

Afterwards, beginners will become accustomed to the various irons, starting with the wedge right up to the longer irons and the woods.

During the course of the lessons, the coach will also introduce them to the main rules of golf and to the importance of etiquette and the conduct to be maintained on the golf course.

The course, dedicated to players with HCP, aims at improving playing standards, lowering handicaps and obtaining the license.

The main goal is to extend the technical knowledge of these players by practising special strokes in both long and short play and in bunkers.

Teaching focuses on the realistic understanding of the strong points of individual players and on methods for developing them.

The course is held by professional players: ROBERTO PARIS, LUIGI ZAPPA, (competition accompanying person: MATTEO VERARDO)

It is staged on Sunday afternoons from 4 pm to 6 pm (3 pm to 5 pm in winter).

Course contents

The course addresses the following topics:

  • Grip/ Set up/ Address/ Piano dello swing
  • Wrist break/ Backswing/ Downswing
  • Ball flights
  • Position and conditions of the ball
  • Long game
  • Short game
  • Bunker
  • Special strokes
  • Putting
  • Playing strategy along the course
  • Video analysis
  • Rules

Practice and the technical control of the coach will continue to be fundamental for these players, who have to improve their playing skills

For this purpose, the video analysis of the swing will be an excellent working tool.

From a technical viewpoint, driving range sessions will aim at extending the range of strokes at disposal. In particular, the players will learn to play low ball, high ball, hook and slice and to better handle gradient slopes. A number of sessions on the course will demonstrate the usefulness of the above strokes.

To lower handicaps, focus will be placed on the short game and on the importance of putting.

In particular the youngsters will learn to play a bump & run using different clubs, pitch and lob. Above all, they will learn when to play a bump & run and when instead to play a lob.

Putting practice will above all be aimed at instilling confidence in the players. The first ball flight notions will be introduced and focus will be placed on playing strategy.

The course is dedicated to players with HCP taking part in youth competitions and national and international level competitions. The aim is to acquire and maintain the Youth License.

The choice of youngsters for the Competitive course will be at the complete discretion of the professional Coaches.

On the one hand, the youngsters will have to refine their technical skills and the search for stroke repetitiveness, and on the other they will have to learn to know their game to apply both technique and complementary aspects and make their decisions in an independent way.

The course is held by professional players: ROBERTO PARIS, LUIGI ZAPPA, (official competition accompanying person: MATTEO VERARDO)

It takes place during the week on days decided by the Professional Coaches together with the youngsters involved and lasts two hours.

Attending the weekly training session is mandatory. Pupils failing to take part without justification in three training sessions will be disqualified.

Playing calendar permitting, the youngsters may also attend the pre-competitive course scheduled for the Sunday afternoon.

The course will address the following topics:

  • The course will be organized as follows: A first stage will focus on technical set-up in the following playing sectors: swing, putt and short game. Work will mainly be done on the driving range with video analysis of swing, on the putting green and on the chipping green with technical explanations.
  • A second stage contemplates the performance of specific tests regarding the short game and putt.
  • A third stage contemplates play training sessions on the course with special focus on playing strategies, intentional strokes and short game.

The three above stages do not reflect precise time steps, but are separate from and related to one another. The ways and times they are addressed by the youngsters will be decided for each one of them by the Professional Coaches.

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